Is Matched Betting A Scam – And Why People Think This Way.

Hi and welcome to my website. In this article I’m going to explain a little about whether matched betting is a scam or not, what is a scam, and why people think everything is a scam these days. Firstly let me answer your question in the first paragraph, Matched Betting is not a Scam, now let me explain why.


Is Matched Betting a Scam – What is a scam really.

According to a billion articles on Google, a scam could be a dishonest scheme or fraud, a swindle, for instance conning a pensioner out of their saving in a variety of ways, such as deliberately damaging something on a house, just so repairs are needed to be paid for.

Is Matched Betting ScamIt could be paying for a service that you will never receive, or buying a product you are led to believe is brand new yet when it arrives it is clearly used. Or is could be a business opportunity where you are told you will make a ton of money, I’ll get more in to this one shortly.


Why People Think Everything Is a Scam

There are 2 answers to this, and it depends on what background people come from, are you new to the industry of making money from home, or have you been in multiple companies before.

If you are new to the industry the first thing normal people think when presented with an opportunity to make money sitting on their laptop is, it has got to be a scam. Why? because we are all programmed to think we have to work 40 hours a week for 40 years to make someone else rich, your employer.

If you are seasoned in the make money from home industry and have been with multiple companies you have probably been burned. By that I mean you paid to join a business such a Network Marketing, paid money running the business, spent hundreds of hours running it, and made zero money, so you left the business thinking it is a scam because the person who sponsored you told you would make a ton of money.

I have been with a load of Network Marketing companies and lost thousands of pounds because I just could not’t do it, it’s not Network Marketing that does not work, the industry has made more millionaires that any other industry in history, It is just an industry that is very difficult.

Matched Betting ScamWhat gives the industry a bad name is people leaving after making no money and telling everyone it was a load of rubbish, they don’t say I didn’t have the skills needed to be successful, why, because the person who sponsored/recruited them told them it would be easy and that they didn’t need any special skills, just the willingness to put the effort in.

And it is the same with most business opportunities, there’s a lot of very good businesses out there, Kleeneze, Harbalife, Avon, Melaleuca to name a few, and I’ve been with all of them, they are all perfectly good businesses, I just couldn’t make it work because I don’t have the skills that you need.  97% of people who enter network marketing end up giving up because it didn’t give them the income they hoped for, that is a lot of people who can spread negativity.

So Why Is Matched Betting Not A Scam

You are not committing fraud, you are not deceiving anyone, or conning anyone. It is not a swindle or scheme or any of the other words that would led people to think matched betting is a scam or somehow illegal.

All you are doing with matched betting is placing a bet with a bookmaker, so the bookmaker will then give you a free bet, bookmakers call them promotions, for instance, place a £20 bet on the manchester United Match and we’ll give you a £10 free bet for the Liverpool match.

Regular gamblers would place the £20 bet, they might lose their £20, probably will, that’s how bookmakers exist, because overall more people lose than win. They then receive a £10 free bet, and again will likely lose it, meaning they have just lost £20 of their own money.

With Matched Betting, all you are doing is eliminating the possibility that you will lose, let me explain.

Bookmaker PromotionsLet us say Ladbrokes has Manchester United to beat Arsenal at odds of 2, and Smarkets (A betting exchange) has Manchester United NOT to beat Arsenal at odds of 2.06, if you Placed the £20 bet with Ladbrokes, then layed £19.61 (Bet against) Manchester United on Smarkets, whatever the result, one of your bets would win. Overall you would have lost 79 pence for this example. But now you have a £10 Free bet from Ladbrokes.

Let me use another example for the Free bet. Ladbokes has Manchester United to beat Arsenal 1-0, at odds of 8, Smakets has the result NOT to be 1-0 at odds of 8.5. So you would place the free bet with Ladbokes, then hop over to Smarkets and Lay £8.25 on the result NOT to be 1-0, whether the result is 1-0 or not, you would make £8.13, minus your initial loss of 79 pence, a total profit of £7.34.

You would obviously need a matched betting calculator to show you how much you need to bet, you can get one by registering for a free account of profit accumulator HERE

Was it a scam to place a bet with Ladbrokes, No, what is illegal, no. Was it a scam to then bet against that same result with a betting exchange such as Smarkets, again, no. Is Matched Betting a Scam, no, it’s just the smart way to participate in sports betting, and because there are so many promotions that the bookmakers offer their customers, and because you Make money from every offer, you can build yourself a tidy income from it.

So, Is Matched Betting a Scam?

As you can see from the example above, matched betting is not a scam at all, and thousands of people up and down the country are doing it as you read.  If you want to give it a go and test the water you can easily do that by registering for a free account of profit accumulator, it teaches you exactly how to do it, and even gives you a couple of the bookmaker sign up offers and shows you exactly what you need to do to make your first £45 in Matched Betting.

So go ahead and register for FREE at the link underneath, you have absolutely nothing to lose, and only £45 to gain.

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Anyway, if you got some value from this post, feel free to leave me a comment or any questions below and I’ll be more than happy to reply.

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Ian Cross


  1. Hi Ian, what got me very interested here is how you said exactly this:
    ”What gives the industry a bad name is people leaving after making no money and telling everyone it was a load of rubbish, they don’t say I didn’t have the skills needed to be successful.” You are 100% right about that one, and I see you have very good and honest source about scams. I had lots of experiences as well with scam sites but I have learned the lesson and I know what you are talking about, good article.

    • Hi Goran thanks for stopping by. It’s a shame really, there’s so many strategies online for building an income, if more people could get past the “everythings a scam” mindset, they really could change their financial situation. I would agree though the industry doesn’t help itself, because there are definitely scams out there for sure, as a lot of us have found out.

  2. This is great, showing some light on the fact that its not a scam is a great thing to do 🙂

  3. Hi ,
    To be honest I m new in this industry , online business and i can say that I my first stept but with some study and help from others I manage to understand the process.I realy like how you write , clear and to the point.
    Because I m new here I think that I will bookmark your page for more info.

    • Hi Stephan. Learning to build an income online definitely takes a large learning curve for sure. Thank you for the bookmark also, hopefully I can provide some value you will benefit from.

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