If Matched Betting is that good, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Hi welcome and thank you for visiting my website. In this post I will explain why only a tiny fraction of the population are participating in strategies such as Matched Betting, to make themselves an additional or full time income working from just their laptop.


Why don’t more people do things like Matched Betting?

This really is an easy one, but there are lots of answers to it, and it really boils down to people not having heard of it. Most people will go about their daily lives unaware of the plethora of opportunities out there that enable you to Make Money From Home.

Matched BettingIf you type Make Money From Home into google, literally until the day you die all you will see on websites are make money opportunities. T

he reason being Google will have put a cookie on your computer, and then sold that information to an advertiser, who will target you with adverts about Making Money From Home.

If you don’t ever look for ways to make an extra income, chances are, you’ll never hear about most of them because advertisers will never target you.

In addition, most people are accustomed to what is normal in life, you know, the 40-40 plan, work 40 hours a week for 40 years to make someone else rich. To some it is outrageous to think that you don’t need to have a job to build an income, do what your parents said, you know, get a job lol.

A lot don’t want to make an extra income, you see, most people don’t want to be rich, the just want to have enough, if the do then most of us wouldn’t even look for things like Matched Betting to make extra money.

Matched BettingThis is a good one, someone knew someone who knew someone who did something similar to Matched Betting …….and it was a load of rubbish lol.

Second Third Fourth hand information from someone who maybe did something never does anyone any good, and potentially prevents people from building a bigger income from it.

You’ve heard it before, everything is a Scam.

Job security, most people would say you need job security and a company pension, while I would agree obviously, to some is would prevent them from even looking for additional ways to supplement their income.

It’s just NOT sexy enough. I can maybe understand this one as I come from a mlm background, most online marketers want to make the big money, the would maybe think Matched Betting is scraping around for scraps from the bookies, a bit like doing surveys, or drop shipping for instance. They want £1000 days, not £10-£30 lol.


Is Matched Betting really that good?

Is Matched Betting Any Good

That’s subjective isn’t it, depends on what you think is good. What is good to one person might not be good enough to another. To the Average person who wants to make an extra £50 a week Matched Betting would be perfect, to someone who wants an extra £200 a week it could be good, depends how much time you have.

If you wanted to make £2000 a month, it would take some time for sure and you would need to be super motivated to be able to get to that point, but it can be done.

You find a lot of internet marketers end up in Matched Betting, much like myself, maybe the are burned out from mlm and want something that is easy, maybe the want to build an income for paid advertising like I did, whatever the reason, Matched Betting is much easier than most other strategies for making money online.


Is Matched Betting better than everything else out there?

MotivationDepends on what your motivation is doesn’t it.  If you want to make the big money you are going to need affiliate marketing, network marketing / mlm or similar.

Matched Betting will NOT give you a huge income, and on top of that it will NOT last forever, eventually the bookies will limit your accounts, limiting your ability to make a regular income from Matched Betting.

You literally have to get in and enjoy the ride while it lasts.  There are ways of preventing this, but this will limit how much you can make each year, you just have to be smart about it.  I shall talk more about this in another more relevant post.

Affiliate Marketing or mlm business can potentially give you a massive income, but only a tiny percentage of people every get to that point, Matched Betting on the other hand, everyone can do it within reason.


So, as you can see a number of things are required for someone to have even heard of Matched Betting, never mind actually want to do it or any other ways of Making Money Online.

Do you fancy giving Matched Betting a try? If so you can give it a try for free at the link below, you will even make about £45 before deciding if it is something you would like to take full advantage of.

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Anyway, I hope you got some value from this post, if you did feel free to leave a comment or any questions below, I’ll always reply.

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